Future Ministry Partners Read This!

Jubilee is proud to partner with other ministries that work with incarcerated populations as well as those who help inmates transition to the free world. If you are a Christian Ministry that works to assist the incarcerated population or their families, we would love to discuss where we might be able to help. Jubilee offers a number of opportunities for other ministries including:

  • Help you identify inmates who are committed to making a new start in a Christ-centered life
  • Create an opportunity for you to share your transition services with inmates during the monthly Jubilee Reunion program
  • Offer Jubilee volunteers and opportunity to serve in your ministry
  • Share infrastructure, assets, knowledge, and other resources to work together to build the Kingdom

If you have a Christian Ministry (from any denomination) that you believe would benefit from working together with the Jubilee program, please contact us. We would love to hear from you. We serve One Lord with One Mission and we believe that "our ministry" belongs to Him, not to us.