A Weekend Encounter, A Lifelong Journey

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The Jubilee Weekend is the centerpiece of the Jubilee Prison Ministry. The weekend brings together 36-48 inmate participants for a transformative encounter with the Gospel. The program follows a path from "realization" (why we need a savior), through "reconciliation" (seeking forgiveness and returning like the prodigal son), onward to "redirection" (exploring what is means to lead a Christ-centered life), and moving toward a lifelong journey of "restoration" (where we focus on maturing as a new creation in Christ Jesus). 

The Jubilee Weekend is a three day weekend (typically Friday through Sunday) followed by a half-day program the following Saturday. Afterwards, the volunteer team returns to the unit on a monthly basis to enjoy worship and fellowship with the Jubilee "graduates" and to continue a year-long program built around a curriculum of spiritual growth and practical tools to live out a faith based life in the free world. 

The Jubilee Weekend is built around a set of integrated activities that all work together to create a fertile ground for the Holy Spirit to reach the participants and in which the seeds planted during the weekend can flourish. We know that unless the Holy Spirit acts, there is nothing in the design or execution of this weekend program that can bring about any lasting spiritual transformation. Therefore, the foundation for all of the Jubilee Weekend activities is a genuine desire to serve and a rigorous program of prayer. 

In addition to the 42 participants who attend the weekend, the Jubilee team distributes cookies to every inmate and corrections officer in the prison or jail. This agape offering, handed out by free-world volunteers along with a blessing, is an integral part of bringing the Gospel message to the unit. On a typical Jubilee weekend we will package and deliver between 15,000 and 25,000 cookies to inmates and prison staff. 

Jubilee Weekend is put on by an all-volunteer workforce in service of Christ Jesus. In designing the program we have strived to ensure that it is “volunteer friendly” so that we are good stewards of volunteer time. The team raises all the money necessary to purchase food and supplies for each weekend. The team includes an In-Unit Volunteer Team (IVT) of around 30 people, a Support Volunteer Team (SVT) of 15-20 people, and a volunteer inmate Steward Team (ST) of around 15 (typically previous Jubilee Weekend participants).

Of course, the mechanics of the program do little to explain what it is really like on a Jubilee Weekend. For all our work and all our preparation, it is the Holy Spirit who makes it all come together. We hope you will join us and get a front row seat to watch God work miracles and transform lives. 

The whole weekend he said he felt nothing but the Love of God. One day, during one of the activities, he said the Lord began to touch him and tears starting flowing. He looked around and all the men in the room were crying. He said that was the most beautiful thing he had ever experienced because the spirit of God had come right down into the place where they lived and met with them.
— Letter from the Mother of a Jubilee Participant

There are a great many ways to serve on a Jubilee Weekend so please look at the "Get Involved" tab to see how you can help bring Jesus' transformative light to incarcerated men and women.