Be a Jubilee Weekend Host Church

One of the greatest agape gifts the inmates receive each weekend is support from a host church that donates their facilities to serve as a base of operations for the Jubilee Support Team volunteers. We hope and pray that, if you have a church located near a prison or jail that you will consider allowing the team to use a part of your facility (we are quiet, and we clean up after ourselves... promise!). 

What is involved?

Typically each unit would have a "host church" that is the base of operations during the Jubilee Weekend. These churches are typically located within 5-10 miles of the unit where the Jubilee weekend is taking place.  The volunteers can come from that church and/or other churches - it is not uncommon to have volunteers for a unit from 15 different churches.  The host church is where all the food preparation is performed and where the team meets each morning before the day starts and each evening after the day is completed.  The support team is at the church all day preparing food, sending in food and supplies, and praying over the prayer request and crosses that are part of the Jubilee Weekend.

The team would meet the evening before the first day, from 5pm to 8pm, then would operate in the church from 5am to 8pm on day one and two, then from 5am to 11am day three.

What about Sunday Morning services? 

We can work with you to ensure that the Jubilee team is cleared out and everything is cleaned up and ready to go before your congregation arrives. 

What are the requirements?

For meal preparation we must use a state approved commercial kitchen.  The more ovens, freezers, and refrigerators, the better.  We supply our own food, spices, cooking tools, dish washing, and trash needs.

It is a bonus to have access to a chapel for prayer, but not a must as we convert any room into a chapel.

The team will have 35 to 50 people, so a room large enough for us to meet all at one time and share the events of the day is very nice.

What will it cost us?

Other than utilities for gas, water, and power - nothing.  The team donations supply what is needed for everything else.

Interested in learning more?

You can call us at 713.364.5530 or email us at